I have always loved everything art had to offer.   Its exciting, it can be as daring or as tame as you like.  I teaches you discipline as well as encourages you to break the rules. It is never the same the second time through and most importantly, its messy.  Life is art and art is life.  They have often been a marker on my own life, through doodles to paintings to 31 foot murals.

I grew up breathing art thanks to my mother, a great artist herself.  I always had the opportunity to paint, to draw and to sculpt.  Early on, I would gather all my art supplies and wait for Bob Ross to come on PBS. I would imitate his every technique. It taught me patience. I shudder every time I hear about the loss of art or music from a curriculum.  Art has taught me much more about myself than any other class I have taken.  In fact, I later graduated Colorado State University with a bachelor of fine arts.  I have since established myself in Denver, Colorado.  I work as a graphic designer and design everything that can be thrown at me.  I am always up for freelance work. 


My paintings can be seen from time to time in local Denver coffee shops, stores and bars. In addition I can be seen on Gallery walls, private homes, office spaces and schools along the front range of Colorado.  I have also been a live painter for a number of years and can be seen painting at bars and clubs in addition to charity events and fundraisers.  Need a live painter for your party? I am always trying to involve myself in some project, so keep an eye out or give me a shout. 

Until then, thanks for stopping by and enjoy the art.